CS Coates & Scarry

Richard Scarry and Chippy Coates

Coates and Scarry began in 2009 when we started to blog about the art and artists around the world who inspire us. In just a few short years, the fan base for our blog grew so dramatically that, after dozens of requests from Facebook fans and followers to showcase our favourite, talented artists, we started to curate, exhibit and sell artworks under the name Coates and Scarry.

Starting with a local exhibition in Bristol in 2010 we now exhibit internationally, both at art fairs but also in collaboration with major museums, galleries and brands where we combine resources and experience to provide a platform for groundbreaking shows. Exhibitions include: Modern Fabulists at View, Bristol, in 2011; Unnatural-Natural History at the Royal West of England Academy in 2012; Trailblazers at Above Second, Hong Kong in 2013, Sanguine in Los Angeles 2014.

We are also here to help and advise if you are looking to buy or collect art. Whether you are an established collector or newcomer, looking to acquire a single work or build a collection, buying art is always exciting, engaging and rewarding. The key is to get involved, make contacts, build relationships and, above all, look, look, look - go to shows, visit art fairs, galleries and open studios, attend openings, get on mailing lists, peruse auction catalogues and books! Please get in touch with any questions you many have or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.