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Richard Scarry and The Chipster on Mega City Fauna

Andy Council at work

Q: Tell us about your paintings? My paintings are often amalgamations of creatures and everyday objects.

Q: What was first for you the street or Galleries? Street, but probably started exhibiting on a small scale round about the same time.

Q: I see a lot of design and illustration in your in your pieces is that true? Yes, I've been working mostly as an illustrator for the last ten years.  Most of my creative pieces are developments from my illustration work.

Q: Where are you from? I'm originally from Bath.

Q: Did you go to art school? I studied animation at Bournemouth

Q: What do you think art can do for the world? I think that art can carry very important messages, not least, provoking individual thought and questioning.  Art can take the everyday and make it fantastical.

Q: How do you see the state the world is in today? I think it's a bit of a bloody mess to be honest. On environmental and social levels we are living in a time where we are accelerating in every way; geared up for production, consumerism and consumption. Its not so good.

Q: As a graffiti artist did you have trouble finding the right gallery? I find working in galleries difficult as a rule.

Q: Have you done any commissions? I do a lot of commission work as an illustrator including various magazines and companies.

Q: Favorite medium? Pencil and paper is my default

Q: Have you shown outside of the UK? Yes, Los Angeles, Miami, Ibiza

Q: Favorite place you have traveled to and why? Croatia was a magical and dreamlike place. We traveled around it on our honeymoon.

Q: What are your hopes for the future? I would love to spend more time working on personal projects in terms of art work, so as to spend more time concentrating on things that matter like being with my family.

Q: What do you listen to when you are working? Mostly a whole lot of random stuff as I work in a studio with other artists. If I'm left to my devices its mainly doom dirgy rock

Q: What other artist influence you? I'm influenced by the artists that share my studio and who work on the street in Bristol. I also really like the illustration work of Will Sweeny and Geoff Darrow.

Sam Brandt and Trevor Wyatt at 'Weapon of Choice'

Q: Favorite living and deceased artist? As far as living artists are concerned I find it very difficult as I am surrounded by great art and artists.  Dead uns though, I would probably say Hundertwasser.

Q: Do you go to Museums? Yes! Went to The British Museum the other day as it happens. I'm also a fan of Bristol Museum, who have incidentally purchased one of my 3D works.

Q: Greatest Joy? My baby boy, Felix

Q: Greatest Sadness? Illness of family members

Q: Does Andy have a dark side? Yes, although I think it's more of an understanding of the darker side of life that I have rather than being a complete moody wrong un myself.

Q: What would you do if you could not paint? I can't imagine, perhaps paleontology

Q: Any upcoming shows we should look out for? Currently ‘Mega City Fauna' at Weapon of Choice gallery, Bristol until 14th Feb.  Coming up is the group show ‘Strangers' at Bold Hype Gallery, Orlando opens 15th May.

Q: Do you have prints available of your work? Yes. Prints of my large scale piece on display at the gallery are available in the gallery and on their website ( Other prints are available on my online shop  or through me personally.

Richards childhood friend Lou hanging out in Bristol

Q: Tell my about obsession with dinosaurs and urban landscape? The dinosaur thing stems from childhood obsession. I see cities as living beasts moving and breathing in their own way.

Q: Tell me why you live in Bristol? Bristol's got an active arts scene and a thriving alternative culture. It has lots of communities which give it a homely vibe, but its big enough not to feel claustrophobic in most of the time.

Q: How do you balance family and art? I don't get much sleep. Richard Scarry and The Chipster

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