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Studio Interview Exclusive with Nick Walker

Q: Where are you from? Bristol

Q: What was the first piece you put on the street? It was in 1982 and said Krazy Krew - crazy or what!!!!!!

Q: What do you think art can do for the world? Brighten it up.

Q: How do you see the state the world is in today? Depends who you believe. Enjoy yourself it's later than you think.

Q: As a graffiti artist did you have trouble finding the right gallery? No it came when the time was right. Everything happens at certain times for certain reasons.

Q: Tell me a little about the Bristol Art scene? It has always been a meting pot of very different styles. I knew more about it in the 80's than I do now. I do know that Bristol is a fairly small place so you have to keep your cards close to your chest. Bristol is a small bowl with a big spoon.

Q: Have you done any commissions? Yeah a few.

Q: What is your Favorite medium? Spray paint - always.

Q: Have you thought about doing 3D sculpture work ? Yes I had the tail end of a 747 built and had it crashing through the wall of the gallery at my V 4 Vandal show at Black Rat Press.

Q: Favorite place you have traveled to and why? New York - the place makes me happy.

Q: How did your Morning after series start? I think from realising you can get away with almost anything if you have a large golfing umbrella. The pin stripe suit and bowler hat  is also the perfect decoy. The character in these paintings is dressed as a city gent who wants to 'paint the town red (amongst other colours).'

Q: What are your hopes for the future? Longevity. I need to get my book sorted out - I've been working on it on & off but it just needs finishing now. It would be great to be living somewhere a little warmer.

Q: What do you listen to when you are working? The Blade Runner 25th anniversary sound track by Vangelis seems to be on permanent loop some days.

Q: What other artist influences you? Rolf Harris. He always spurs me on to do better, much better.

Q: Favorite living and deceased artist? Living - Frank Frazetta. Dead - Warhol.

Q: What do you do when not in the studio? Try and be a good Dad.

Q: Greatest Joy? Staring into space, alone.

Q: Greatest Sadness? Anything to do with kids and illness.

Q: Does Nick have a dark side? Of course.

Q: If you were not an artist then what would you be? A Psychiatric patient.

Q: Any upcoming shows we should look out for? Not just yet I'm still working on a new body of paintings. I'm going to set the date for the show once I'm happy with the work.

Q: Do you have prints available of your work? Yes I hold most of the artist proofs from all my print editions. I've also recently been sorting out which pieces to release as prints for this year.

Q: I notice you have a cool art collection, what was the first piece purchased? I can't remember. The collection's got a bit out of hand.

Q: What are your feelings on the secondary art market? It's not really something I should care about? I  guess I would be doing it if I was skint. I do feel pretty vulnerable when someone tells me my work is in an auction.

Q: I noticed you have a new site for your work, what can we expect? A better one - called 'the art of nick'

Q: Who is your favorite Graffiti artist? Mac & Retna.

Q: Do you get time to browse galleries when traveling? Sometimes. All the best Richard Scarry and The Chipster   Cheerio!

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