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Persistant Thoughts from Sarah Folkman

Tell us a little about your background? I grew up in a northern Los Angeles suburb that bordered orchards and undeveloped hills - areas in which I spent as much time as possible. Started painting when I was 18 while also plunging into music, and later, writing. I’m self taught as a painter, but I did study graphic design, print making, and a tiny bit of photography until I was swallowed completely by music and painting and had no time for formal education. Wouldn’t mind being able to go back and change that. Tell us about your upcoming show? These 8 paintings were created over the past year. Images and feelings that were persistently circulating in my thoughts. It opens on May 21ST at Corey Helford Gallery. Your work contains figurative and natural history imagery, how did this evolve? Since I can remember I’ve had a desire to understand the manner in which people react with, or retreat from, the world. It wasn’t until I was in my late teens that I realized creating art was one method for doing that and it saves me from going completely insane. Painting birds is particularly soothing; everyone should try it. What does a day in the studio look like for you? If it’s a full day off from my other job: Coffee. Feed cats. Some cleaning. Paint for a few hours until I’m on the verge of screaming from being in one spot for so long. Exercise or more cleaning/yard work. Shower. Eat. More painting. Have you always painted in oils? The first several canvases I tried to paint were in acrylic, but I found it frustrating to work with. I didn’t know about mediums that could extend drying time or fluidity. I switched to oils and immediately felt at home.   How is your favorite living artist X3? Do you mean who? Joel-Peter Witkin Sally Mann Jason Shawn Alexander Most influential deceased x3? Francis Bacon Edward Hopper John Millais What would you like the viewer to get from your work? Emotion. Any emotion, ideally strong enough to make them pause. Your greatest fear? I’ve had so many, I can’t pick a greatest.   Your greatest triumph? It’s May 18, 2011 and I’m still alive! Hopes for the future? More and better. Does art matter? I go through terrible periods feeling it doesn’t, that there’s too much immediate craziness and pain and desire for numbness in people for art to have any space in a life... but then it occurs to me that that might just be my head talking and I should listen to others and find my way back to the very soothing import of art.   For more info on Sarah’s work please contact or

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